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What does our Co-Founder, Angus Brown, and Supermodel, Bella Hadid have in common?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

What does our Co-Founder, Angus Brown, and Supermodel, Bella Hadid have in common?

Unexpectedly, Supermodel Bella Hadid has delved into the realm of nootropics. As the nootropic industry gains momentum, it's become commonplace to hear about celebrities showing interest and wanting to get involved. In fact, our very own co-founder and CEO, Angus Brown, shares his journey into the world of nootropics.

Prior to launching Ārepa, Brown experienced two defining events that shaped his future. During high school, he tragically lost a close friend who battled mental health issues. Following his graduation from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, where he studied commerce, accounting, and finance, Brown secured a job with Frucor Suntory, a Japanese drinks company known for the popular 'V' energy drink brand.

Within his first year at the company, Brown suffered the loss of both his grandparents due to brain-related illnesses. It was in that poignant moment that he experienced an epiphany. Standing in a store, he watched a young girl leave with a massive can of energy drink, causing him to question his own actions. In his own words, he realised, "What am I doing? Selling caffeine and sugar to the masses... I realised I was adding no benefit."

With this newfound perspective, Brown set out on a mission to make a difference.

From this, the idea for Ārepa was born. After nearly a decade of dedicated development, Brown and his team crafted a caffeine-free, all-natural beverage. While Brown affectionately refers to it as "brain food," this remarkable concoction falls under the classification of nootropics—agents that promise to enhance cognitive function and energy. With meticulous attention to word choice and structure, Ārepa embodies the pinnacle of quality, promoting clarity, elegance, and optimum performance.

Neurological concerns affect one in six people worldwide, ranging from epilepsy and headaches to dementia, making it the leading cause of disability, as per a United Nations report. The global nootropics market is set to surpass US$5 billion by 2026, with rising demand driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and poor mental health. In recent years, nootropics have gained considerable popularity, shifting from traditional pill formats to more consumer-friendly products like beverages. Numerous brands have emerged, some even garnering celebrity endorsements.

Brown supplies his products to people in all walks of life, from the Google offices in Sydney and Auckland, to the set of the new Thor movie (which was recently shot in Australia), and the locker rooms of the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team.

He envisions a future where brands like his not only sponsor and endorse public events like music festivals, but also inspire individuals to partake in mentally invigorating substances rather than depressants, such as alcohol.

Ārepa is all natural and caffeine-free, formulated by a world-leading neuroscientist with Pine Bark Extract, L-theanine, plus Neuroberry Blackcurrants packed with vitamin C to support focus and neurological function as part of a healthy and varied diet. With a mission focused on developing a science-backed natural formula, Ārepa aims to optimise brain function on a daily basis while minimising the risk of future neuro-disorders.


Ārepa is currently available worldwide, including in Asia and Hong Kong. You can find it at Slowood, a zero-waste grocery located in Sai Wan. The industry has caught the attention of prominent figures, such as international model Bella Hadid. She has recently become a co-founder of the New York-based nootropic drinks brand, Kin Euphorics.

"[Bella] actually found us!” said Jen Batchelor, the CEO and founder. “She is very passionate and genuine about sharing her challenges with mental health with the world, and more importantly, the tools that have helped her live a vibrant, healthy, happy life.”

Batchelor positions Kin Euphorics as a wholesome alternative to alcoholic beverages. Their nootropic offerings provide a means to unwind, socialise, and potentially enhance cognitive abilities.

"We discovered during our initial investigations that individuals from all walks of life sought solace in alcohol to relax and despised the unpleasant aftermath. Consequently, we embarked on a mission to address both concerns, but with superior solutions in place."

For years, high doses of nootropics have been utilized to enhance professional performance, as noted by Batchelor. Her company's approach aims to heighten individuals' understanding of nootropics, while infusing a touch of personalization.

“We found that with a more approachable dose, [nootropic drinks] could be enjoyed in social situations to enhance presence, joy, creativity, and empathy – which is way more than what alcohol can deliver in a night.”

Situated in London's King's Cross area, the Standard Hotel has recently unveiled a captivating addition: a nootropics bar. This unique establishment offers a selection of carefully crafted cocktails, incorporating an array of ingredients ranging from reishi mushrooms to ashwagandha. Designed with the intention of enhancing cognitive function and promoting mental well-being, these libations hold the promise of a truly exhilarating sensory experience.


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