Drink Sampler

Interested in brain health and cognitive performance?

The Drink Ārepa Sampler is ideal for anyone curious about Ārepa and Brainfood.

Try the Drinks Sampler this summer, or send it to a friend looking to get more out of their brain.

2x Ārepa Performance 300ml
2x Ārepa Lite + Sparkling 300ml

4x Servings total

When to have Ārepa

Our ingredients make the difference


Customer Reviews

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[1] Improving Mental Performance in an Athletic Population with the Use of Ārepa®, a Blackcurrant Based Nootropic Drink.
[2] Acute supplementation with blackcurrant extracts modulates cognitive functioning and inhibits monoamine oxidase-B in healthy young adults.
[3] Nutrition research has shown that Enzogenol supports healthy brain function, and cognitive performance.
[4] [5] L-Theanine consumption, stress and anxiety in human clinical trials: A systematic review.

Ārepa® contains New Zealand Blackcurrants which are rich in Vitamin C that contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal neurological function

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