Frequently Asked Questions

Ārepa contains only natural plant-based extracts with extensive research behind their safety and efficacy.

We recommend consume a maximum of 4 servings per day. Effects don't accumulate beyond this point.

One serving equals:

Shot = 90ml (one shot)
Drinks = 300ml (one whole drink)
Capsules = 2 capsules
Powder = 1.5 teaspoons

To maximise its effects, the Ārepa drinks should be served chilled…and it’s even better over ice. It can be safely stored outside of the refrigerator for up to 12 months.

The formula has been designed around consuming one full drink (300ml) to get the best results.

Ārepa Performance and Ārepa Lite+Sparkling formulas have been designed and tested around consuming one full drink (300ml) to get the best results.

For the Performance shot, consume one full shot (90ml) for best results.

It’s different for everyone, but on average people notice an effect 20 to 30 minutes after consuming.

Studies have shown the effects last up to 4 hours.

Outside of the first trimester, Ārepa is safe to consume while pregnant however please consult your GP if you have any concerns

Our ingredients are sourced in our home country of New Zealand, except for the premium green tea extract, which is from Japan.

Ārepa means Alpha in Māori. Alpha is the name given to brain waves that are experienced when you are in a state of mental clarity or as we like to say, when you’re in the zone.

We don't add any sugar to our beverages, the sugar in our drink comes from the fruit.

We use Organic Erythrotil and Stevia two natural, low-caloric, plant based sweeteners that are sugar free. They are safe and the amounts used are well within the FSANZ guidelines.

Ārepa is bioactive and has natural MAO-B inhibitor properties. Always check with your GP if you are concerned

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