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Make Up Your Mind: Capsules or Powder?

Make Up Your Mind: Capsules or Powder?

With so many incredible brainfood products to choose from, how do you know which is best for your brain, your body, and lifestyle? While both products include our triple-threat formula of Neuroberry Blackcurrant, L-theanine and Enzogenol there are some key differences in their uses and effects. 

Ārepa is all natural and caffeine-free, formulated by a world-leading neuroscientist with Pine Bark Extract, L-theanine, plus Neuroberry Blackcurrants packed with vitamin C to support focus and neurological function as part of a healthy and varied diet.


We’ve dissected the science (and shared some brainy tips along the way) to help you make up your mind, and get the most out of your brainfood.

Let’s talk lifestyle

  • The Brain Powder for Daily Function† is a delicious way to add additional nutrients into your morning smoothie, juice, yogurt, cereal or raw baking. Just one teaspoon will give you all the benefits of our scientifically proven formula. Get creative and brainstorm new recipes to try! 
  • The Brain Capsules for Cognitive Function† are the perfect solution for on-the-go performance. Take 2 capsules each day (with water) as part of your daily routine to support long-term brain health. Pop them in your purse, your car or your desk at work for an accessible brain boost - right when you need it most. 

Brainy benefits

  • The Brain Powder for Daily Function† is scientifically formulated to improve mental performance under pressure. The vitamin-C rich formula is designed to help support neurological function, anxiety, and stress while supporting long-term brain health. 
  • The Brain Capsules for Cognitive Function† have stronger antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for supporting chronic brain health and behavioural conditions. You can also pop one or two capsules before bed, to support a good night's sleep!

When to take your brainfood

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