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Brain Hero: Billy Stairmand

August 21, 2023 5 min read

Brain Hero: Billy Stairmand

We are so excited to introduce to you our latest series we like to call our Brain Heroes.

A Brain Hero is someone that we at Ārepa have identified as someone looking to make a difference in the world, is having a big impact in their industry/category, is an inspirational and epic human being, trying to make the world a better place or simply wanting to better their brain. And our next Brain Hero is Billy Stairmand. 

Billy is a pro-surfer from New Zealand and has been making waves across the world flexing his skills on the board. We chat to Billy to find out a bit more about his life, what he does to keep her mental health in check, what got him to where he is now and where he's headed.

How did you first get into surfing and what made you want to make a career out of it?

I first got into surfing from my dad being a surfer. He taught me in raglan when I was around 9 years old. He would take me down the beach after schools and push me into waves. I found the love for surfing from then on. I have always been pretty competitive. So it was a natural transition getting into competitions at a young age. Doing my first national Schoolastics at 13 in raglan. Then progressing to the career I have now. Being a national champion and also an Olympian. I’m proud of my achievements and have more goals to achieve.

What do you love most about your job?

My job as a professional surfer is the best job in the world I think. We get to travel the world around to remote places, chasing the summer around for conceptions. We are in the ocean everyday which I find is so refreshing and healing. I’m very competitive. So I love competing internationally and nationally alongside others. The ocean is always changing. Which I love about our sport. Not one wave is the same. There are so many elements that come into play. So it’s a very unique job and sport which I love.


How important has getting your mental health right been for you and how important has it been for you to communicate that with others?

My mental health is number one on my priority list. I’ve been working a lot on that side of things in the past few years. It’s hard sometimes as an athlete in this sport. You lose most of the time. So it’s been interesting trying to figure out ways to deal with that. But I always go back to the same saying ‘you’re never losing, you’re always learning’ which I believe you can take into real life things also. I’m very grateful for my job and career, I absolutely love what I do and I know not Many people get to do this. So I am happy win or lose in my job. I’m in the ocean everyday which is a dream for me. I’m doing my dream job and I’m traveling and meeting amazing people. And this is something I always think about and always go back to if I’m feeling down. I’m very appreciative of what I do and where I’ve come from.

What's your favourite part of the day/something you always look forward to doing?

Honestly, I think it’s being in the ocean. My job. Haha. I guess not many people can say that. But everyday I look forward to what’s in store in the water. What waves have we got on offer. What can I improve on today. These are all things I look forward to everyday. And smiling. :)

Who would be your Brain Hero (role mode)?

That’s a good question. I have a lot of cool people in my life. A good competitive side brain role model would be ‘Kobe Bryant’ his mental strength and toughness I think is unmatched. So as an athlete I try and learn from that. But I really believed own brain is a good role model. I try and make the happy out of the sad. Or the funny out of the angry. I’m very appreciative to be where I am today and am thankful for the family and friends I have in my life. Everyday is a good day.

How did you first hear about Ārepa and what did you like most about our products?

I first heard about Ārepa when it burst onto the scene. I saw and heard a few of my friends drinking it and speaking about it. So I did a little research. And absolutely loved what they were doing. Also as a competition/athlete aligning myself with Ārepa and using it daily during events works so well with what I do. So it was a no brainer (mind the pun ) that I started using it. And I’ve loved every bit of it. The taste, the way it makes me feel. Clam and in control everyday. I Also love the science and facts behind it all and how natural it is.

What's one thing you do every day to keep your mental health in check?

I do a lot of breath work. Taking at least 5 minutes. Sit in the sun. On the beach. In the office. Where ever it may be. To breath. Box breathing. Slow the heart rate down. Bring you back into yourself. And make you present. This is something I’ll try and do everyday.

How do you use Ārepa in your daily life?

An Ārepa a day keeps the doctor away. Haha. Na I use Ārepa everyday. When I’m traveling I’ll use the brain powder in smoothies or the capsules for daily use. I’ll use to keep me calm and ready for my competitions. Or even if I’m having a big day or there is a lot on. It will keep me clear and ready for what ever I have in front of me. And then I home I love the lightly sparking Ārepa. It’s tasty, a little fizzy and good for ya. Refreshing in the afternoon for a little arvo rev up. Or in the morning after some food to get the day started.

What’s your next big goal to achieve?

So I’ve recently just qualified for the Paris Olympic Games 2024. So the next goal for me would be get an Olympic medal for New Zealand. I’ve got a long road ahead but am looking forward to the journey and putting my best forward to try and achieve that goal.

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