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Meet the Team: Madeline

August 30, 2023 3 min read

Meet the Team: Madeline

Here we go again, time to introduce you guys to the many brains behind Ārepa, who help keep the wheels turning and the Brainfood pumping⁠!

Tenth off the ranks is our Marketing Director, Maddy. When she's not leading our global brain health mission, you'll find her training for another marathon, spending time with her son, and lounging on Bondi Beach. ⁠

Position at Ārepa: 

Marketing Director ANZ

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? 

Spending time with my little boy Ziggy, running (actually, any form of movement!), cooking and being in the sunshine

Who is your Brain Hero and why? (role model): 

I have a few…

Ruth Handler- founder and creator of Barbie. She broadened the imagination of young girls and gave them inspiration to dream big, outside of the stereotypical job as a mother in the 50s. 

Rafael Nadal- he works hard and never gives up. And along the way, he’s remained so humble

Sam Harris - his meditation app ‘Waking Up’ has saved me (and continues to save me!) during some of my tougher moments

Whitney Wolfe-Herd - she took the company public and opened up NASDAQ with her baby on her hip. Like, cmon! What a fucking boss. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Seeing the direct impact of activity. Coming from global corporations, it's difficult to isolate the cause of an uplift. However in the startup world, you can see immediate impact and growth which is incredibly rewarding. 

I also get bored quickly. I need to keep moving forward; learning is my biggest priority. If I'm not learning, I find it tricky to see the value. At Ārepa, I'm learning about how to market an FMCG product that is more importantly positioned as brain health, while also learning about the science and how our formulation actually works.

What was your dream job growing up? 

A pilot. I've always been obsessed with planes (still to this day)...I travelled a lot as a kid and I would often get to visit the cockpit. It just amazed me how this huge bird-like machine could fly, and also how you could often feel at such a distance from someone, but within a day, you could be in a completely different culture and country.
The zombie apocalypse is coming - what three people would you want on your team? 

My boy Ziggy, my husband Jake, and Taylor Swift!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Not direct advice but favourite quote -

My favourite excerpt from the Desiderata poem that I have pinned in my room next to my bed is; "If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself." I like to come back to this, and remind myself to "stay in my lane" as we're all on our own journey.

What’s your one mental well-being habit you like to do?

I have multiple; exercise to produce endorphins and gain a sense of achievement, meditation to calm my mind, and of course my daily Ārepa to keep me on my game and mentally sharp while being a working mum. Lastly, I quit caffeine almost 2 years ago and I’ll never go back.

What inspires you?

Boss bitches (can I say this? lol). Just any bad ass woman that is kicking goals, juggling mum and career, being firm, backing herself, and knowing her worth. My mum is the OG in my life, but there are many that I follow and look up to!

If you were prime minister for the day what change would you make?

Making healthy food affordable and accessible, and educating children from a young age on the importance of a well-balanced diet and exercise. 

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