Arepa | Brain Boosting Benefits of Blackcurrants

Brain Boosting Benefits of Blackcurrants

2 min read

New science is adding to the long list of existing studies proving why New Zealand Blackcurrants punch well above their weight. Unique varieties, soil, climate and high UV exposure result in supercharged...

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Meditation: Believe The Hype! | Arepa NZ

Meditation: believe the hype!

2 min read

We know what you’re thinking. For a lot of people, mindfulness and meditation fall into the same category as horoscopes, energy crystals and ‘Magic Happens’ bumper stickers...

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Arepa | Get out of your head!

Get out of your head!

3 min read

Journaling has become a popular tool for ‘clearing’ thoughts that are bouncing around in your head. By turning thoughts into words on a page, you are confronting them, and you are forced to think clearly about them...
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