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Brain Hero: Zane Munro

February 07, 2023 5 min read

Brain Hero: Zane Munro

We are thrilled to introduce our latest series: Brain Heroes. A Brain Hero is someone we at Ārepa identify as an individual striving to make a difference in the world. They have a significant impact in their industry or category, and they serve as an inspiration to others. Whether their aim is to improve the world or enhance their own cognitive abilities, Brain Heroes are truly remarkable individuals.

Our next Brain Hero is none other than Zane Munro – NZ's beloved mental health advocate and one of Kiwibank's Top 100 inspirational Kiwis. Zane is the founder of For All The Brothers (FATB), an Instagram account dedicated to supporting men who grapple with mental health challenges.

In addition to inspiring us to have a positive impact on others' lives, Zane tirelessly works behind the scenes to expand FATB, ensuring it reaches and assists men from every corner of the globe. He is determined to be the catalyst for change and to eradicate the stigma surrounding seeking help.

Let's delve into Zane's life, his journey, and his aspirations as we have an insightful conversation with this extraordinary individual.

How did you first get into the mental health space?

I, like so many other men, struggled with my mental health. At one point in time I felt so lost and alone with it and all I wished was that I had a brother, a friend, someone to understand or just to lend an ear. It felt like these men were few and far between, let alone men who openly spoke about their mental health with each other. I figured if I felt this way surely I can't be that only one and that there must be other men feeling like this too, looking for that brother or friend to help them through. I decided one day that I would finally be open about my struggles, about therapy and about seeking help and creating much needed conversation among our men in hope that other men would speak up too. Little to my knowledge that through a phone and social media that 5 years ago For All The Brothers would be born and would grow into such an amazing community of men and women showing up, speaking up and most of all being that change we wish to see for men and their mental health.

How important has getting your mental health right been for you and how important has it been for you to communicate that with others?

Working on my mental health, seeking professional help and speaking to a therapist not only has saved my life but it gave me life again. It improved my outlook on daily things, it helped with my relationships with friends, family and my partner but it also showed me that being proactive is key, not waiting for things to get bad to seek help but instead implementing small things daily that help to boost and maintain my mental wellness. Being able to speak openly about my mental health with loved ones, friends and the FATB community not only shows them that I too have struggled but it also lets them know they too can be open about the battles they face in there mind and have a place where they are surrounded by like minded brothers there to help.


What’s your favourite part of the day/something you always look forward to doing?

The gym or any form of physical activity, be it a run or even a walk on the beach for me is something which has proven beneficial in so many ways to my daily mental wellness. That small reminder each day that I set the tone for my day, that kick of endorphins running through the mind to start the day and that small part of my daily routine which i am in control of regardless of what the day is to throw my way, I started the day on my terms. When we move the body, the mind begins to follow.


What’s the biggest change you are seeing in the mental health industry?

Over the last 5 years I have seen what was once a taboo topic, something we wouldn't speak about as men become so much more openly shared. I have watched it become more common for men to seek professional help, to talk to a therapist, to chat with their mates openly about their day to day issues that they struggle with and most of all I have seen men wanting to change the generational ways we have dealt with our mental health as men. Slowly but surely the 'harden up' mentality is changing.


Who would be your Brain Hero (role model?)

I really don't have a single role model. I guess there's a few but it would have to start with my mum and dad for always being there for me no matter what in life and for teaching me the value of hard work and showing me what unconditional love looks like. Also my son for being my light in this world and for always showing me how to slow down and find value and interest in the smallest things in life. My friends and brothers for always being there by my side, showing me that I'm never alone. And finally, it would have to be all the other amazing humans trying to give life their best shot to create something they are proud of. 


How did you first hear about Ārepa and what did you like most about our products?

I first came across Ārepa just over 2 years ago. I was setting up my 24 hour charity walk and I didn't want to go the usual 'energy' drink route so I searched high and low and came across Ārepa, a drink with all the benefits but without the crash. Little did I know that the people who created this magic drink were genuine good people, the ones we search for within life. They offered to help me out with some product to get me through the 120km mission I had in front of me and from that moment I have never looked back. Besides the amazing taste it actually is one of those very few products that actually does what it says it does, a boost for the mind in moments of need and the clarity you need to get you through.

How do you use Ārepa in your daily life?

Ārepa has become a part of my daily routine, the first thing I grab straight after the gym. The Brain Drink for Performance has replaced my morning coffee, it has given me that long lasting mental clarity we all search for but it has also become something i've added to my daily routine which helps keep my mind and body fuelled and in check for whatever the day throws my way.

What’s your next big goal to achieve?

To make ForAllTheBrothers a household name, a name which carries our motto "To be that change". Something I hope becomes so common among our men that through conversation, through openness and through being there for each other that we can save some lives and better the quality of life of men near and far. My goal would be to make my son proud, to show him he never has to face anything alone and that as men it's never weak to speak about the battles we face in our mind.

Any upcoming events you want to share?

I'm excited to announce that this year, with the help of Ārepa, we'll be bringing back our Brother's Brain Chats - a mental health meetup for men where we aim to normalise mental health conversations, bring men together and start to be the change we wish to see. 

100% of ticket sales will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and last year we managed to raise just over $800 through these events for them which was awesome and something I'm forever grateful for. 


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