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Ārepa | Improving Mental Performance in Athletes

November 04, 2019 1 min read

Ārepa | Improving Mental Performance in Athletes

Presented at the Sports Dietetics Conference in Melbourne, an independent double-blind, cross over and placebo-controlled study conducted by the University of Auckland concluded consumption of Ārepa improved cognitive function, time to respond and accuracy by a statistically significant amount in physically fatigued athletes 90 minutes after intense exercise. 

The unique results mean that athletes who need to stay mentally sharp at the business end of a sports match or competition can do so without having to overload on caffeine. Ārepa is all natural and caffeine-free, formulated by a world-leading neuroscientist with Pine Bark Extract, L-theanine, plus Neuroberry Blackcurrants packed with vitamin C to support focus and neurological function as part of a healthy and varied diet.

"We're excited about this outcome that validates feedback we have already received from our athletes and have an influx of enquiries from some of New Zealand and Australia's top sports teams. We're now going into R&D to develop product formats that suit elite sport" reports founder Angus Brown. Results are expected to be peer-reviewed and published late-March 2020.


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