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Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 

On the 28th of September 2023; we received a “letter of improvement” from the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) regarding our Supplemented Food Products (our drinks and powders). Since launching our products in 2017, we've worked closely with MPI, regularly updating our packaging. However, MPI expressed concerns that some of our website/advertising communications and our packaging did not adequately convey the benefits in line with the pre-approved Vitamin C health claims of the ANZ Foodcode.

See the statement below:

Alphagen NZ Limited have received Notice from New Zealand Food Safety regarding the health claims we make about our Ārepa products and the labelling of our products. Some of our health claims are in breach of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Health claims attributed to Enzogenol (pine bark extract) and L-theanine have not been substantiated. Health claims that can be attributed to the vitamin C content do not identify that vitamin C is responsible for the health benefit. We will be working with New Zealand Food Safety to remove or correct the health claims on the Ārepa product labels and advertising material.

We have since updated our packaging and will be rolling this our early 2024. We added a "+" after the product name to further clarify the implied health claim and connect it to the Vitamin C statement on the back, as per the ANZ food code standards. (See below).

Packaging update examples

Previous Packaging

Statement on back of packaging

Your Brain is Amazing.

And it's even more amazing when it's full of the polyphenols, vitamin C and antioxidants found in our clinically researched† natural ingredients. Developed by neuroscientists to help support cognitive performance and neurological function. Arepa is the drink for everyone with a brain.

Updated Packaging

Updated statement on back of packaging

Your Brain is Amazing.

Developed by neuroscientists with clinically researched ingredients, this is a drink for everyone with a brain. †Drinking Ārepa reduces tiredness and fatigue and helps with normal psychological and neurological function thanks to the high Vitamin C content in our Neuroberry® Blackcurrants as part of a healthy and varied diet.

Nutrition, health and related claims - Standard 1.2.7 

Our Ingredients

Therapeutic Products Act & Dietary Supplements

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Ārepa Study History

Clinical Trials - To Be Published

Cognition under Pollution

Testing cyclist under pollution environments testing cognitive markers in bloods.

Estimated Publish Date: Q1 2024

Acute Effect

Study testing Ārepa Performance, testing acute effects of the formula.

Estimated Publish Date: Q1 2024

Healthy Women

Study in a range of healthy women testing a range of cognitive measures.

Estimated Publish Date: Q1 2024

Adults aged +55

Study testing Ārepa Performance on a range of health adults aged above 55 years.

Estimated Published Date: Q2 2024

Clinical Trials - In Progress


Estimated: 2025


Estimated: 2025


Estimated: 2025


Estimated: 2026