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Key Benefits

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When To Have Ārepa


Start your day off right with Ārepa to keep you in the zone throughout the day. Arrive ready to engage.

Important Moment

Take Ārepa 30 minutes before you need to perform or find yourself in a moment of pressure or fatigue.

Afternoon Slump

When you find your mental energy is fading and brain fog is setting in, take Ārepa to get back on task.

Evening Wind Down

After a long and busy day and the mind is still racing, take Ārepa to help calm the mind to aid a restful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over one million bottles sold, people love the taste of Ārepa. Long gone are the days of drinks full of sugar, caffeine and other nasties! - Ārepa is always 100% natural and Caffeine Free. 

  • Ārepa Performance – Full strength, healthy blackcurrant flavour. Ideal for mental fatigue and brain fog.
  • Ārepa Lite + Sparkling – Lite and mellow taste, with most of the blackcurrant juice removed. Perfect for relaxing and calming the mind.

Ārepa contains only natural plant-based extracts with extensive research behind their safety and efficacy. Our formula has been designed to be food safe our main ingredients have GRAS certification. Ārepa is always 100% Natural and Caffeine free.

Ārepa Performance and Ārepa Lite+Sparkling formulas have been designed and tested around consuming one full drink (300ml) to get the best results.

Studies have shown the effects last up to 4 hours.

Ārepa contains only natural plant-based extracts with extensive research behind their safety and efficacy. We recommend consume a maximum of 4 servings per day. Effects don't accumulate beyond this point.

One serving equals:
Drinks = 300ml (one whole drink)

How quickly Ārepa® gets you into a peak state depends on a range of factors. This includes your existing physiology, diet, how much sleep you get, and exercise routine. So, while some people may experience benefits almost immediately (20-30mins), for others it may take some time.

Yes you definitely can, Ārepa won’t keep you up all night. L-theanine is actually great at assisting sleep, particularly if stress or a busy mind is stopping you from nodding off.