April 01, 2020 1 min read

Ārepa Corporate Supply

Mental clarity and immunity are key to a thriving and successful team. Ārepa supplies businesses across New Zealand with a monthly brain food quota. These range from smaller start-ups to established enterprises designed to boost productivity and manage work stresses.

Long gone are the times of feeding your enterprise machine caffeine and alcohol. Give them something their brains and bodies will thank them for. 

Enquire below about supporting your staff with Ārepa, NZ's #1 Brain Food Company. 

Be Calm, Think Clear. 

Ship mental clarity to my workplace now.

Speak with our brain food expert:


24x pack of Original Performance or Lite + Sparkling. Patented formula to increase Mental Clarity under moments of pressure and stress. Caffeine-free. Rich source of Vitamin C. 

180gm (36x servings) glass jars of our Freeze Dried Neuroberry with home compostable refill pouches when you run out. Proven to reduce mental fatigue and contains some of the highest levels of Vitamin C and Colour (Anthocyanins) out of any fruit grown in the world. 

Our ultimate super brainfood Nootropic Powder, perfect in smoothies or sprinkled on top of cereals. Serves 30. Rich source of plant-based nootropics that support mental clarity and boost the immune system. 

Be Calm, Think Clear. 

Ship mental clarity to my workplace now.


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