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You Asked, We Answered

October 26, 2022 3 min read

You Asked, We Answered

We get a lot of questions about our Brainfood - when to have it, is it safe for children, is it like an energy drink? You name it - we've probably been asked it!

So we thought we'd break down some of our top questions for you to let you learn more about our brain-boosting products. 


 Are Ārepa products safe for children?

Yes. Our Brain Drinks are a great option for children as they are easily digested either through drinking directly, adding to juice or even making popsicles out of for a fun snack. Our Brain Powder is a great and easy option to add to smoothies, cereals or yoghurt. Our Brain Capsules are also safe however, we recommend capsule consumption for those aged 6 or above

Is Ārepa an energy drink? 

In short, no. Unlike most energy drinks, Ārepa has no caffeine or added sugar. It is a supplemented Brainfood that has been created to assist with improving focus, reducing mental fatigue and helping brains work better. Most of our customers talk about a 'felt affect' 20 - 30 minutes after consumption that can feel similar to the buzz you get from an energy drink - but without the negative side effects like anxiety, racing heart rate or jitters that can come with them.

While being caffeine free, our Brain Drinks are also gluten, dairy and preservative free, as well as vegan.


What is the benefit of the Sample Pack?

The sample pack allows you to have a taste of each product to work out what suits you best and in what format.

Ārepa is 100% natural so you can have a combination or consume just one product- you cannot 'overdose' or build up an intolerance.

The Brain Powder

One heaped teaspoon can be added to your morning smoothie, cereal or just mixed with yoghurt as a snack.

Our Olympic and High Performance athletes that we work with will consume the powder an hour before an event as it takes longer to absorb into the body.

The Brain Drink

The Brain Drink for Performance is what our clinical trials have been based on and contains a significantly higher serving of Neuroberry Blackcurrants vs our Brain Drink for Calm and Clarity. As the name suggests, the Performance variation is great for those moments when you need to perform - whether it be before work for a busy day ahead, before a big presentation or before training. The Calm and Clarity variation is great for those moments when you need to rid yourself of brain fog or gain some mental clarity when you need to focus.
You can consume up to 4 bottles in 24 hours and we recommended consuming chilled.

The Brain Capsules

Take 2 x capsules an hour before required. Most customers find these are a very convenient and cost effective way to get their daily dose of Brainfood. These also have a higher dose of Pine Bark Extract in them so are great for people who struggle to focus or if you're recovering from a brain-related injury.


💩 Let's talk poo - mine's gone dark after having Ārepa! 💩


Ārepa is potent and full of antioxidants and polyphenols which are all really good for you.

Our products are rich in colour (anthocyanins) and there is emerging evidence that they have prebiotic and probiotic gut x brain benefits, so a change in stool colour is quite natural - and means good things are happening. So next time you notice your poo change colour, its ok good things are happening.

You can view Ārepa as a product for general maintenance and/or performance.


Got some more questions? Flick an email to help@drinkarepa.comwith what you want to know :) 

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