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When Is The Optimal Time To Take Ārepa?

February 28, 2020 2 min read

When Is The Optimal Time To Take Ārepa?

To optimise the extensive benefits of our all-natural nootropics, we've provided you with an expertly curated guide on when to consume your preferred Ārepa product.

We highly recommend adhering to the recommended dosage, enabling our locally sourced ingredients to perform at their absolute best for your well-being. Trust in the wisdom of this regimen and unlock the potential for enhanced cognitive function and overall vitality.

The Brain Drink forPerformance

Experience the remarkable power of nature's brain-food polyphenols: New Zealand Pine Bark, and New Zealand Neuroberry Blackcurrants. Our patented formula, crafted by world-class neuroscientists, is designed to elevate your brain and immune system.

For optimal brain function, consume the Brain Drink for Performance 20 minutes before your pivotal moments or as a daily ritual. To unlock the full benefits of Ārepa, savour the entire drink.

Discover the felt effects Ārepa has on your focus, performance, and overall well being.

The Brain Drink for Calm & Clarity

Calm & Clarity is the refined and lightly sparkling version of the Performance. Specially formulated to nurture a calm mind and clear your thoughts, indulge in Calm & Clarity at any time throughout the day. Experience optimal mental clarity and embrace the brain power of Ārepa by drinking a full serving. 

The Brain Capsules for Cognitive Function

With its rich concentration of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract Enzogenol, The Brain Capsules are a high-dose brain boost. Small but mighty, the capsules are specifically designed to support you during travel and emergencies, enabling you to stay composed and mentally sharp in times of pressure and stress. 

For optimal brain function, take 2 capsules 1 hour before your crucial moments or make it a daily habit.

The Brain Powder for Daily Function

Our highly sought-after choice for Families and Elite Athletes. It serves as the perfect brainfood supplement for smoothies, cereals, yoghurt toppings, and raw baking. Incorporate 1.5 teaspoons into your daily routine (mornings are our preference!) to enhance neurological function or consume it 1 hour ahead of performance for optimal results.

Get creative with our Ārepa Brain Powder Recipes such as: Brainfood Cheesecake, Brain Powered Yoghurt Parfait, and our Brain Boosting Smoothie  



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