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Yoghurt Brain Bark

August 21, 2023 2 min read

Yoghurt Brain Bark

Behold our Yoghurt Brain Bark recipe. It is delicious any time of the day and super easy to grab for a quick snack yourself, to pack in the kids lunchboxes or to reach for when you want your daily dose of Brainfood.

You can use whatever yoghurt fruit and nuts you have at hand - a great way to use up that half bottle of yoghurt in the fridge or those nuts that have been sitting in the pantry for you can't even remember how long.


The Brain Powder
- ALS Mix (or any preferred seed mix)
- Almonds
- Frozen Berries
- Dark chocolate or honey to garnish
- Any flavoured yoghurt 

How to make:

1. Grab a shallow try and line well with baking paper. Spread yoghurt over a the bottom until all is covered. Depending on how thick you want your bark to be depends on how well you spread your yoghurt.

2. Sprinkle The Brain Powder and ALS Mix (almond, linseed, sunflower seeds ground) over the yoghurt

3. Then add slithers of almonds and your frozen berries. If you’re not living the sugar free life, try adding honey to the yoghurt for some added sweetness, or go mad and drizzle melted chocolate for the ultimate indulgence. 

4. Put the tray in the freezer and ideally leave to set for 3-4 hours.

5. Once set, place the dish in some shallow water to loosen up the bark from the edges. Carefully lift up the baking paper and place on the bench. Simply peel away the paper and cut your Neuro Yoghurt Bark into desired chucks. 

Keep a few pieces out for yourself and put the rest in a tupperware container and store in the freezer for the perfect, easy to access Brainfood snack. 


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