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Recipe: Braincakes

September 27, 2022 1 min read

Recipe: Braincakes

Thanks to our resident Masterchef contestant and fellow Brainfood-lover, Naomi Grace, we bring you this delicious Braincakes recipe - a brain-boosting take on the humble pancake. 

(Serves 4) Prep time: 30 minutes



Best cooked in an Ironclad Legacy pan

¾ cup full cream milk (or almond to substitute)

1 cup high grade flour

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp Ārepa brain powder

½ tsp salt

1 free range egg

¼ block of Whittaker’s Miraka Kirimi (Milk Chocolate)

1 T cream cheese

¼ cup Ārepa neuroberries

¼ cup Ārepa performance brain drink

1 can chocolate mousse

2 T white sugar


1. Pour all ingredients into medium size glass mixing bowl before using a whisk to combine. Mix pancake batter until smooth texture with no lumps. Set aside.


2. Heat your ironclad pan on medium heat and spray with oil. Once pan is hot pour ¼ cup of mix into the pan (you can fit roughly 2-3 at a time). Cook until bubbles emerge then flip, until brown on both sides.


3. Heat a pot of water to a slow simmer, place small glass bowl in pot. Put ¼ block of chocolate in the bowl with ¼ Ārepa brain drink, ¼ Ārepa neuroberries and mix until melted with a deep purple colour. Remove from pot and fold in 1T cream cheese.


4. Place 2 pancakes on plate, drizzle over desired amount of chocolate sauce, A generous gloop of chocolate mousse, sprinkle Ārepa neuroberries and Ārepa powder to finish and voila!

Tasty brain infused pancakes to start the day! Happy pancake eating! 


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