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Powder Power: 5 Brain-Boosting Recipes

Brain Powder Main Lockup

The Brain Powder For Daily Function is the most versatile member of our brainfood family. One heaped teaspoon (5g) provides the full brain benefits of our clinically tested formula! 

One serving (5g) contains:

  • 4.6g Whole Freeze-Dried Neuroberry Blackcurrant Powder
  • 150mg of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract
  • 150mg of L-theanine

Formulated by our world-leading Neuroscientist, The Brain Powder For Daily Function is a convenient and delicious addition to your daily routine. Rich in vitamin-C, our powder is designed to help support neurological function, anxiety, and stress while boosting sustained mental performance.

This superpower powder works a treat with smoothies, juices, yogurts, cereals, warm porridge, raw baking... the limit does not exist (apart from mixing solely in water, as it will not dissolve effectively). 

Ready to take your Brain Powder to the next level, try your hand at some of these mouth-watering recipes... 


Add some sustenance to your Sunday morning pancake indulgence by sprinkling your stack with our nutrient-rich Arepa Brain Powder. Delicious, nutritious, and looks pretty fancy too!

Read the full recipe here

Brainfood Bliss Balls

Already a crowd favourite in the healthy-snack department, bliss balls are a nutritious and versatile snack found everywhere from gym bags to kids' lunchboxes. Choose your favourite fillings, ensuring you have a good balance of soft and hard ingredients so your balls stick together. Add 2 tsp of The Brain Powder before adding to the food processor, plus a little extra for dusting!

Read the full recipe here

Brain-Boosting Smoothie

Enjoy your brainfood on the go with a super-fast and super-delicious breakfast smoothie. Select your milk of choice, adding frozen berries, hemp seeds, honey, and any other tasty treats you have on hand. We love adding yogurt, collagen and cinnamon! Add 1 Tbsp of The Brain Powder to seal the deal - and you’ve created the ultimate breakfast of champions!

Read the full recipe here

Brain-Power Latte 

Skip the caffeine, and indulge in a brain-boosting latte. Mix 1 tsp of Brain Powder with your milk of choice, adding a dash of honey for sweetness. Both satisfying and power-packed, our clinically proven formula improves focus and sustains mental performance when you need it. The perfect working-from-home booster.

Read the full recipe here

Neuroberry Smoothie Bowl

Who doesn’t love a smoothie bowl? Don’t let the pristine presentation fool you, these bowls are super simple to recreate. Grab a blender, and blitz frozen bananas and milk with 4 tsp of Brain Powder. Top with your favourite garnishes, and your brain will be ready to take on the day!

Read the full recipe here

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