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How to get Ārepa Stains Out of White Shirts

February 25, 2020 2 min read

How to get Ārepa Stains Out of White Shirts | Black Currant Stains

Our positively potent Neuroberry does more good than harm but if you do happen to find yourself in a messy situation, here’s a couple of tips to pretend like it never happened.

Blackcurrants and other berries leave pigment-based stains, which are soluble in water but like with all stains, the quicker you act the easier it is to remove them. If it's still wet, absorb as much of the stain as possible by using a paper towel or a clean cloth.

Method 1.

After blotting, rinse the stain under plenty of cold running water. For cotton, follow immediately with a 40°C machine-wash, using biological detergent. After rinsing with cold water, spray lightly with Wine Away until the stain turns blue. Blot again, and repeat this process until the stain has completely disappeared. Then wash at as high a temperature as the care label permits.

Method 2.

After blotting, turn fabric inside out and pour boiling hot water directly onto stain from a height (eg: place fabric in the kitchen sink and hot water from elbow height!)  While you are boiling the jug for the next round, keep the fabric moist and repeat this until the stain runs clear. Then pre-soak the stain if it's still visible, with EcoStore’s laundry soaker/stain remover and wash as soon as possible, as per the garment care label.

If you are dealing with an old stain, your shirt might not come out 100% white, in this case, apply some lemon juice to the stain and leaving in the sun to dry may work on some fabrics. It's basically a natural bleach!

Lastly, avoid using the dryer to dry the affected clothing as the heat may set the stain. With any juice stain, check the garment thoroughly after washing to be sure the stain is removed.

Āim well next time!

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