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Gold Winners for NZ Artisan Awards

December 02, 2022 1 min read

Gold Winners for NZ Artisan Awards

We are so humbled and proud to announce that we have been awarded Gold for both our Brain Drinks in this years NZ Artisan Awards. 

Our Brain Drinks are our most well-known product throughout New Zealand and can be found in all leading supermarkets, gas stations, cafes and independent grocers.


Our Sparkling Blackcurrant Brain Drink for Calm and Clarity features the key ingredients you all know and love, with key benefits including:

Primary Benefits:

Supports Mental Clarity and Calm
Improves Focus Under Mental Fatigue
Reduces the Negative Effects of Caffeine

Secondary Benefits:

Supports Normal Neurological Function
Supports Sleep
Low Sugar (1.8g) and Low Calorie (24)


Our Blackcurrant Brain Drink for Performance features the same key ingredients, with key benefits including: 

Primary Benefits:

Promotes Mental Clarity and Calm
Improves Focus Under Mental Fatigue
Supports Normal Neurological Function

Secondary Benefits:

Reduced Mental Fatigue
Supports Physical Performance and Recovery
Supports Immunity (100% Vit C Per serving)

It’s awesome to be recognised for innovation within the Kiwi food and beverage industry alongside many other awesome brands continually pushing to be better and showcase what amazing products we have here in our own backyard.


View our full product range here  or if you've got a question about any of our brain-boosting products, email

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