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Food & Mood: how these two play with each other

August 20, 2021 2 min read

Food & Mood: how these two play with each other

We're learning so much more about the link between our gut and our brain.

How we feel can impact our gut health and the state of our gut health can impact how we feel.

We all know that food plays an important part in fuelling our bodies. We often forget the impact it can play on our mood or how mood can impact what we choose to eat.  If you are feeling flat (not hard with the state of the world right now) food can help turn that frown upside down. Here’s some things you can do while learning more on food & mood: and how these two play with each other.

Eat (Chocolate) 

While guzzling down a whole block of chocolate might feel good in the moment, the after effects might not be a total mood booster. However, if chocolate if your thing, try dark chocolate with it's high hedonic rating (pleasurable taste, texture and smell) your senses will get a buzz. On top of that it can support brain function as it contains theobromine (a natural plant stimulant) and everyone’s favourite - caffeine. So if a mood boosting moment of need arrives, try a higher percentage cocoa dark chocolate to get your vibe on. Neuroberry chocolate bark recipe below click image. 

Drink (Ārepa) 

It’s not just food that can lift our mood, drinks can too. While we often start our day with a big cup of joe, what we drink throughout the day affects our mood and how we function. Ārepa contains Neuroberry Blackcurrants that are rich in Vitamin C which is shown to promote mental clarity, reduce fatigue and support neurological function. So why not switch out your second cup of coffee for a bottle of Ārepa and see how you feel. 

Cook (with music on)

Going through the process of preparing a meal can be uplifting in itself. We often fall into habitual meals (guilty!) or take away because they are easier. However, exploring new recipes and flavours can be exciting for the taste buds and your mind. Take the time out to cook with a good podcast or your favourite jam and a variety of fresh produce (eat that rainbow!) and then sit down and enjoy it with your favourite people. Instant happiness at first bite.


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