September 01, 2022 4 min read

Brain Hero: Kevin Pichot

We are so excited to introduce to you our latest series we like to call our Brain Heroes. 

A Brain Hero is someone that we at Ārepa have identified as someone looking to make a difference in the world, is having a big impact in their industry/category, is an inspirational and epic human being, trying to make the world a better place or simply wanting to better their brain.

And our next Brain Hero is everyone's favourite frenchman - Kevin Pichot. Kevin is the owner of FAT - an outdoor movement community that actually makes you want to exercise and move your body! When he's not inspiring us all to move, he's working away behind the scenes on new ways to grow FAT and starting non-profit organisations amongst other things. We chat to Kevin to find out a bit more about his life, what got him to where he is now and where he's headed.


How did you get into Fitness All Together and what do you enjoy about it? 

It is a long and amazing story so I will keep it short. I always followed Fitness All Together (FAT) on Instagram. At this time of my life, I had only just become an NZ resident which became a life changing experience, I was free to leave my previous role and do anything I wanted. Elliot, FAT founder, was coming to my Les Mills classes and after spending nearly 6 months on my own startup project we managed to make time for a coffee catch up. After 6 months of getting to know each other, brainstorming, and creating a business plan, I joined FAT as a co-owner. FAT encompasses everything I like about movement. It is outdoor, friendly, supportive, creative, and most importantly… movable! 


Have you ever struggled with your mental health and what did you do to help? Who hasn’t? 

Yes, I did, and I believe that everyone at some point will or has experienced it. And guess what, it’s ok. Personally, it all started being intense when I moved from my employee role to my business owner role. I feel that as humans we naturally struggle with big life transitions and changes. I had to go through an exploration process to find short and long term solutions. As a true advocate of physical activity, I knew that focusing on moving my body was a must, but I also realised that my mental health exercises and research were just as important. I also believe that my friends and network have helped me to go through these periods in my life. I will forever be grateful for understanding that quality communication is key. 

How important has getting your mental health right been for you and how important has it been for you to communicate that with others? 

It was a must, running a business is tough but I can also imagine that being a partner or even a dad is just as challenging… I have always loved supporting and helping people with their journey. After learning about myself through these challenging times, I now enjoy sharing my experience with people and I am willing to share ideas to help them save time and energy to not repeat the mistakes that I made. 


What’s your favourite part of the day/something you always look forward to doing? 

Not an early morning alarm, that’s for sure. I would say a nice catch up with a friend in the middle of the day after taking a high energy class. Lucky me, it’s happening quite often! Who would be your Brain Hero (role model?) Again, my friends. I’m lucky to be surrounded by smart, driven and successful humans and some of them are for life… To be continued! 

How did you first hear about Ārepa and what did you like most about our products? 

Friends of Friends at a FAT event. This is one of the good parts about living in Auckland, you get to be involved with like-minded brands and meet the right people to collaborate with. I personally love the AREPA story and will always see the brand as an inspiring brand for FAT.  Not to mention the great taste, it is not too sweet (for once) and not too sour. Most importantly, it is full of good ingredients! 

How do you use Ārepa in your daily life? 

Sipping on a fresh AREPA drink, driving in our 1993 Volvo wagon, and listening to some good tunes on my way to take my lunchtime class. 

What’s your next big goal to achieve? 

I’m a big dreamer, and my friends would vouch for this… My main mission is to continue inspiring as many people as I can to move and make the most of their life. I’m also on a mission to support as many new mums in their postpartum journey with our Non for profit organisation called Mums All Together. Finally, and perhaps the most important goal... stay healthy, curious and mindful.

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