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Beat the Winter Woes

July 21, 2022 2 min read

Beat the Winter Woes

We know Winter can be a bit of a struggle sometimes and often brings on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

But what is Seasonal Affective Disorder? It is most easily understood as a mood disorder characterised by depression that occurs at the same time every year. SAD occurs in climates where there is less sunlight at certain times of the year and symptoms include fatigue, depression, hopelessness and social withdrawal.


But don't worry! We've come up with a few steps to help beat the winter woes!

Find a winter-only activity you really enjoy and schedule a lot of it. 

Research shows that simply anticipating something you like makes you happier, so this is a practical way to put that into action. Maybe you love skiing, rugging up by the fire or playing winter sports -- whatever it is, make an effort to find something (anything!) that you like and then commit to doing it.

Cook up some warm, comforting recipes. 

Cooking a stew on a hot summer day never sounds like a good idea, but it’s the perfect way to spend a few hours in the winter. Plus, your kitchen will smell amazing and you can have awesome leftovers for lunch the next day. Why not try our latest recipe - The Duck and Ārepa, made in collaboration with Masterchef contestant Naomi Grace and heroing mouth-watering duck, finished with a brain-boosting Ārepa glaze. And if you're wanting something sweet, it would be almost criminal to not try our Chocolate Ārepa Brain-ie Recipe - bought to you by the lovely ladies at HnT Kitchen.

Treat yourself to a few little luxuries. 

Now we don't think stuff makes you happier, but having a few small winter-specific luxuries can help you feel warmer, cosier and make all the difference in finding that sweet spot between insufferable and totally bearable. Maybe it's a fresh set of pyjamas from Peter Alexander, the gourmet cinnamon tea from T2, or something else you've been pining over for a while and have been waiting for an excuse to treat yourself. 

Spend more time with someone who loves winter. 

There are quite a few studies showing that the people we surround ourselves with make a big difference: the emotions of others affect us in good and bad ways. For example, if your friends are happier, you’re more likely to feel more optimistic and positive yourself. So if you know someone who loves winter, spend time with them - it will help you dread the season less and find the little things in winter to enjoy. 

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