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Ārepa x FAT Workout

April 22, 2020 2 min read

Ārepa x FAT Workout

Ārepa has teamed up with our friends from Fitness All Together to bring you a home workout to do while we are all in lock-down. 

All you need is some space and a yoga mat or towel. Move the coffee table and couch to the side. Its time to get your heart rate up and your endorphins flowing!

FAT is an intimate outdoor training community focused on improving the body and the mind however and wherever possible.

Free class to Ārepa customers use the code: AREPAFAT

1 - Click the link here

2 - Create a new account 

3 - Navigate back to the Buy page and insert the code "AREPAFAT" into the area at the bottom of the page where it says "redeem free class". This will apply the free class to your account.

4 - Book into a class for free (once we are at Level-2)




Warm up 

  1. Hip Swivels 
  2. Standing Cat-Cow
  3. Shoulder rolls
  4. Wide Fold
  5. Heal Rolls
  6. Lunge Twists
  7. Deep Squat 

Track 1 

  1. Hip Drives 
  2. Hip Marches 
  3. Single Leg hip drives
  4. Reverse Lunges with twist 

Track 2
(Work chorus)

Movement 1: Bi-Lateral Squats
Movement 2: Plank Jacks (with shoulder taps variation)

Track 3

Movement 1: Up-downs (burpees)
Movement 2: high knees (in between up-downs)

**Rest 60 secs**

Track 4 
(3 min working block)

Movement 1: Squat walkout - to push up or shoulder tap 
Movement 2: Bi-lateral shuffle jumps 

(Laddering push-ups or shoulder taps 2 reps each time).

Track 5
(2 x 90sec working block)

Movement 1: Skaters 
Movement 2: Burpee

(laddering skaters by one each burpee)

**Rest 60 secs**

Track 6
( Tabata - 20 seconds on 10 second rest)

Movement 1 - Bi-lateral crawls 
Movement 2 - Reverse lunge to squat (variation Jump squat/jumping lunge).

Alternate exercises for 6 rounds 

**Rest 60 secs**

Track 7 

Movement 1 - Squat jump with heel taps (laddering each time by 1) 
Movement 2 - High knees (laddering each time by 2) 

Alternate exercises increasing repetitions. 

**Rest 60 secs**

Track 8

Movement 1 - Mountain climbers (laddering each time by 2)
Movement 2 - Spider crawls 1 x each side. (variation Plank walking) 

Alternate exercises increasing repetitions by two for mountain climbers.

**Rest 60 secs**

Track 9

Movement 1 - Cross crawlers (20 sec)
Movement 2 - Toe Taps (20 secs)

Alternate exercises for two rounds each

Warm down  

  1. Childs Pose
  2. Kneeling Hip flexor 
  3. Knee hug
  4. Supine twist 
  5. Seated groin stretch 
  6. Seated hamstring fold
  7. Cross over leg - spine twists 





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