May 29, 2020 3 min read

Ārepa Publishes New Clinical Trial

Ārepa Publishes New Clinical Study

Everything at Ārepa is underpinned by a science-first attitude. Our commitment to always improving our products means we are never done and never satisfied.

More than using the available science, we actively seek to contribute to Nootropics research. That means engaging with willing partners aiming to broaden everyone's understanding of what is capable, effective and positive for cognitive health and performance.

With that in mind, it is a real pleasure to announce the results and publishing of our latest peer-reviewed clinical trial in Antioxidants

The Findings

Drinking Ārepa significantly improves mental performance in physically fatigued subjects, according to a new peer-reviewed and published study conducted by The University of Auckland

The Kiwi food-technology company Ārepa, has gained significant global attention for its groundbreaking patented ‘smart drink’ that combines a unique variety of New Zealand blackcurrants with an extract of NZ pine bark. These specialised ingredients are often referred to as ‘nootropics’, a buzz word to describe compounds that support cognitive function.

Ārepa’s co-founder and CEO, Angus Brown, said the clinical results further prove his winning formula reduces mental fatigue when you need it most.

“From the sports field to the boardroom, mental fatigue is everywhere. There is increasing pressure to ‘be switched on’ and to function at a really high level at all times. Our formula ultimately improves how the mind works, particularly under stress, in this case physical, and has benefits for all types of consumers.”

Nitro Circus Athlete and six-time world record holder Jed Mildon, consuming Ārepa before performing a high-risk jump

Already conducting a number of studies into various aspects of mental health and performance, Brown wanted to investigate the benefits of Ārepa in stressed athletes given the increase in demand they were seeing from this demographic. This led to exercise and nutrition expert Dr Andrea Braakhuis from the University of Auckland, already researching the benefits of blackcurrants in athletes and interested in undertaking such a study.

Dr Braakhuis, said the results were the first of their kind to show the effect of Ārepa on mental performance in athletes.

“While it is recognised physical capability is a major factor in optimal sporting performance, athletes are becoming increasingly aware of the role the mind plays in influencing performance.

“Optimal cognitive function is beneficial for athletes, not only because performance in many sports requires motor control, coordination, decision making, timing and teamwork, but further, it is important in reducing the stress involved with athletic competition.

“With growing evidence that anthocyanin-rich New Zealand blackcurrants vastly improve brain functions from clarity to focus, this study is the first to suggest that Ārepa supports optimal cognitive function after fatiguing exercise.”

The peer-reviewed study, published in the science journal Antioxidants, performed the test on 24 healthy rugby league players who were randomly assigned a treatment of 250mls of Ārepa or 250ml of a taste and carbohydrate matched placebo, followed by a washout period and cross over.

The scientists tested Ārepa’s impact on cognitive performance measured using validated testing procedures. Conducted on-site following a training session of intense physical exercise, the importance of this time window was that it captured the participants in a fatigued state, when mental clarity would be its most vulnerable.

The study found the total score, accuracy, and average time per response improved significantly, after drinking Ārepa.



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