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Ārepa 0% Cocktail - The Walnut

October 21, 2020 1 min read

Ārepa 0% Cocktail - The Walnut

The Walnut

Impress your friends with this delicious non-alcoholic beverage

- Ārepa Performance
- Non-Alcoholic Spiced Gin (we used Ecology & Co)
- Walnut Tisane (walnut tea)

Walnut Tisane:
1. Add one cup of boiling water to: 
- Rooibos Tea bag
- 1 tbs Toasted Walnut 
- 1 tsp Cascade Hop (optional)
- 1 Grapefruit skin slice
- 1 tsp of Molasses  
2. Stir through and pour filtered liquid into a cup. 

1. Over ice add 1x part walnut tisane, 1x park non-alcoholic spiced gin and stir through until glass is cold
2. Top with a dash of Ārepa Performance 
3. Garnish with toasted walnut  


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