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8 Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract | Enzogenol

August 16, 2021 4 min read

New Zealand Pine Trees

8 Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract Enzogenol

In New Zealand, the beautiful and lush forests are home to a species of New Zealand pine trees (Pinus radiata) that contain unique health-promoting properties. Today, we know that pine bark is a good source of numerous phytochemicals, natural plant compounds that support better health. The “all-stars” of the group are proanthocyanidins, powerful antioxidant compounds (more potent than Vitamin C and E) that provide a wealth of added health benefits. Let’s take a closer look below... 


1. Boost Your Antioxidant Status

If you’re overweight, out of shape, or in poor health, your body will produce an excess of free radical compounds that trigger inflammation throughout the body, damaging your DNA and compromising your health. Antioxidants extinguish these internal fires. Research has shown that Enzogenol – a patented formula of pine bark extract – is able to prevent and minimise this oxidative damage from free radicals. Ensuring you eat a diet high in vegetables and fruit is also important to lay the foundation for robust antioxidant intake, but if you are short on these then Enzogenol is a good supplement. 


2. Supports Attention & Behaviour in Children

Integrative health professionals have discovered Enzogenol as an effective nutritional to support healthy attention and activity levels in children. Dr. Leila Masson, a biomedical paediatrician currently practising in Sydney, had this to say about her experience: “Enzogenol is a safe and effective nutritional for children on the spectrum that have problems with hyperactivity and concentration. I have noticed improvements within a few weeks of starting this potent antioxidant. Parents and teachers consistently report that children are calmer and more focused. I recommend a trial of Enzogenol for any child with attention and behaviour issues.”

Enzogenol | Pine Bark Extract

3. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Pine bark extract may provide some added benefits for you if you struggle with high blood sugar, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. A double blind, placebo-controlled study of 77 diabetic patients taking their prescription medications, along with 100mg of supplemental pine bark extract, found greater improvement in blood sugar control and cardiovascular health when pine bark extract was combined with diabetic medications. (Make sure to talk to your doctor before combining any supplements with current medications you’re taking.)

4. Fight Off Common Colds

There is nothing more annoying than a nagging cold; it stalls your productivity at work and in the gym. A study of 146 people suffering from a common cold found supplementing with pine bark extract was able to reduce the duration (i.e. the number of days) and severity (i.e. the intensity of the symptoms you experience) of the colds. This is great news for keeping up your pace, even if you’ve got the sniffles.


5. Boost Brain Function and Recovery

In one study on athletes suffering from traumatic brain injury, New Zealand Pine Bark Extract reduced mental fatigue in subjects.

If you’ve been struggling with forgetting small details – like where you put your car keys or what you’re supposed to pick up for dinner – you may be suffering from the early signs of age-related cognitive decline. Stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can all contribute to sub-optimal brain function, and while diet and exercise are fantastic for boosting healthy brain function, so too is pine bark extract. New research shows that adults over the age of 55, supplementing with pine bark extract over the course of one year, showed superior results in brain-related tasks compared to placebo groups. The researchers believe the benefits stem from pine bark extract’s antioxidant effects and ability to reduce oxidative stress (associated with poor diet, high stress, lack of exercise, etc.).


6. Protect Skin From Sun Damage

Getting enough sun exposure and vitamin D is crucial for your health and vitality. New research shows that not getting enough sun exposure is as dangerous to your health as smoking. Unfortunately; you don’t want to sacrifice your skin along the way. The addition of supplemental pine bark extract has been shown to offer protection from harmful UVB rays and may reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin barrier function. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, this can be a nice added skin support.


7. Reduce Inflammation

Cytokines are a group of pro-inflammatory molecules that are released when you get a cold or flu, suffer from a fall or injury (or train too hard in the gym!), or if you’re struggling with a chronic health condition. Research shows that pine bark extract is capable of reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and IL-6, responsible for many of the adverse effects of chronic inflammation.

Pine bark extract can make a great addition to your nutritional arsenal for its potent antioxidant support, as well as its added support for blood flow, blood sugar, inflammation, immunity, brain function and skin support. Enzogenol is a standardised supplement formula guaranteed to contain at least 80% proanthocyanidins, the active ingredient that triggers all these benefits. Remember, a good diet and regular exercise should always be the foundation for building your best health. However, sometimes the body needs a little added support and supplemental Enzogenol can go a long way to keeping your brain and body sharp this winter.


8. Healthy Eye Function

Nutrition research shows that Enzogenol supports healthy eye function with age. The effects of Enzogenol on parameters of eye health were studied in a randomised controlled trial by Dr. Nigel Gilchrist of the Christchurch Geriatric Medical Research Trust at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand. In this trial, 60 participants from local rest-homes with an average age of 82 years were assigned to treatment and control groups. The results indicated that Enzogenol was associated with beneficial effects for eye function shown below.

Acuity of vision, a combined measure of near and distant vision declined five times faster in the control group compared to the Enzogenol group over the 6 months trial period. Distant vision improved significantly after 6 months of taking Enzogenol compared to controls. There were less people experiencing deterioration in eye sight, and more people with stable and better vision. These findings showed that taking Enzogenol supported healthy eye function. In particular, this support was effective in a population of older people that commonly experience difficulties with their eyesight.


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